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Editorial 02/22

“Creativity is thinking new things. Innovation is doing new things.”
The difference is all here. While thinking can be instantaneous, intuitive, enlightening, doing requires time, skills and resources. This is why innovation is a journey, a journey one undertakes towards unknown lands, perhaps to discover at the end that one has succeeded in doing old things but in a new way, that one has satisfied the needs and desires that have always beat in the hearts of humans with different clothes.

This edition of Bistrôt is dedicated to the theme of innovation. It is a journey that takes us into virtual worlds, those of the metaverse, created by the imagination, but which need architects to make them live able places. We stick around blockchain technology with the new currencies, the cryptos: How much do they resemble the old ones and how much do they open up new possibilities?

On our way we will meet those who want to try to innovate in taste, bringing the tradition of India within reach of the palate of those living in Italian-speaking Switzerland. 

To innovate is also to rediscover a natural balance, like that of those who invest in a circular economy, capable of transforming waste into a sustainable resource, thanks to tiny allies.There are also those who have had to face a new life thousands of kilometres away from home because their country was bombed. 

In other parts of the world, on the other hand, change and innovation seem to be the order of the day and cycling is also an opportunity to seek new paths. 

In Switzerland, there are those who imagine transporting goods underground and in a totally automated way.

Finally, there are those who have made innovation a profession, from start-ups to the role of innovation manager.

In this edition of Bistrôt, you will discover that there are many roads chosen to innovate, but in all of them there is the desire to create with a purpose: that of offering the possibility of living in our world with more responsibility and in a better way. Every road to innovation is a journey without a treasure map, it is a path that is built day by day. But it is only by taking the first step that even the longest and most fascinating of journeys can begin.