Editorial 01/21

Legend has it that the name “Bistrôt” came about in Paris at the beginning of the 1800s during the period of Russian occupation. It originates from the Russian word bystro that means “swiftly, as quickly as possible”. It was the peremptory plea of the Moscow army officers to Parisian innkeepers. Why such a rush? It was prohibited for them to drink alcohol and they didn’t want to be caught red-handed by their superiors in mid toast. A quick down-in-one at the bar and away. As imaginative and palatable as it may be, etymological studies, however, seem to contradict this possible derivation. End of preamble. What do the drinking habits of mustached Hussars and Cossacks have in common with the magazine you are reading?

Bistrôt is inspired by the idea that made bistro bars, or rather no-frills restaurants/osterias successful – that is – they provide genuine fare and feed the customer without too many expectations. In other words: swift but substantial. And that is what every good newspaper should be: timely, providing the latest news and trends without too many refined or aesthetic frills, but making clear, explaining, connecting and therefore facilitating, simplifying and accelerating the digestion of facts, events, thoughts and ideas.


The Russians departed from Paris after Napoleon was rendered innocuous, and in successive decades, the French capital became the City of Light. And its bistrôts and cafès played a determining role in the development of the intellectual mix that forged many progressive ideas. Would we still have had the immortal works of scholars, artists and sculptors without those cafè tables lining the streets or boulevards? Reading a newspaper, drinking a coffee, watching the world go by in all its diverse humanity became a ritual. A ritual for reflecting on society, on our destinies, in order to be curious, to understand the unknown.


Nowadays the immediacy of communication has made us somewhat lose that pleasure, the privilege of being a “flaneur” - a detached observer – who can pause to study the worldview from a cafè table.


Bistrôt wishes to be the reason for you to regain this ability to pause for a moment, if only for a quick read or listen (each article is accompanied by a short playlist we have created on Spotify, inspired by the issue, and by a brief content summary) – to then be able to view the world from a richer perspective.


Bistrôt will have a tri-monthly distribution and you will find the complimentary magazine mostly in public places, but if you can’t find a paper version, you will be able to read it online at the website bistrot.biz.


What will you be reading in Bistrôt?
We will take inspiration from three key words: Create, Reside, Live.

We will therefore concern ourselves with all that has to do with creation and construction, from buildings to infrastructure, engineering and architectural stuff that we would like to explain to all – but also more artistic creations, and in general everything that attempts to transform our world to make it more beautiful and habitable. And after having constructed and created the new objects, we need to own them and make them comfortable, suited to our needs, and therefore we will deal with issues to do with the home, a home however that does not stop at the door, or at the main gate, but that becomes an element of our life, that interacts with our territory, reflects and connects our passions, starting from our tables, by eating genuine and healthy food, and drinking wholesome beverages. Because creating and residing has meaning if it serves to improve the quality of our lives. If we know how to enjoy the best fruits, that is.


In conclusion, it is important to explain that if we have chosen to focus our content on Creating, Residing and Living, it is also because our magazine is published by the Galli Group, an entrepreneurial group well established on Swiss-Italian soil. Their activities range from real estate to engineering, from consulting to construction, to include also winemaking and catering (theirs is Grono’s B Atelièr Bistrôt, the ideal reflection of our magazine). Bistrôt is therefore also a way to communicate a vision and a culture of doing business, founded on knowledge, curiosity and efficiency, but also on passion and the love for one’s work and region. However, let’s not get lost in compliments and pleasantries, because within us the voice of the Hussar urges: Bistro! Bistro! Quickly! Quickly! The magazine is being printed.