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Editorial 04/21

Editorial “Are you experienced?” That was the name of the first album by the greatest guitarist in rock history, Jimi Hendrix. It was 1967 and he was 25 years old. Can you be young and experienced? According to George Bernard Shaw men are not wise in proportion to experience as to their ability to gain experience. It is therefore not so much a matter of registry, but of a predisposition to experiment and learn from experience.

This is the main theme of Bistrot’s first issue of 2022. The young experts we found and interviewed, starting from Filippo Ganna, World Champion and Olympic rider on his bike, who resides in Ticino and at only 25 years is already a multi-world champion. Martina Martegani, a professional engineer, was also at 25 years of age in a leading role in the construction of one of the largest underground engineering works: The Gotthard base tunnel and now continues with new challenges between the tracks. Luis Câncio Martins is always talking about the tracks. His engineering studio, in Lisbon, is planning the expansion of the metro network. 

We will talk about experience in the sense of living in realities distant from those in which you were born and grown. From volunteering for street children in India carried out by the Asha Foundation, led by Loris Joppini, to a change of life, from the Grisons to Sâo Paolo, like that of the lawyer David Valletta. 

Then there are the experts who have lived intense lives following a passion and still feel the desire to transmit it. This is the case of Davide Comoli, a professional sommelier, who succeeded in discovering and proposing wines to realize his passion for history and geography, making seven times the world tour, but also helped to train the new generations of wine experts from Ticino. 

Then there are those who try to give meaning to the experience of childhood, to being raised in the mountains in contact with nature. The Scamoi foundation, which includes Ivan Galli, is trying to give new impetus to the community of Osco, in Valle Leventina, creating a new gathering place in the village where its members grew up or live. 

For decades, however, by painting and creating forms, the artist Flavio Paolucci has created works that are a tribute to that universal language that offers us the experience of the encounter with nature. It is, in fact, walking through the banks and woods that Paolucci finds the objects of his inspiration. 

 So, since with this number Bistrot extinguishes its first candle, we certainly cannot say we are experts but we assure you that the desire to continue to create it, live it and experience it, is not lacking. Enjoy your reading!