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Editorial 04/21

Restart again, restart always

‘Restarting’ is one of the words we believe to be most commonly used these days, a term that tries to describe the desire to make a new start after a period of crisis. However, restarting does not always stem from a difficulty; sometimes it is simply the desire to put oneself to the test, to change, to follow a vocation. It is also the will to listen to the B side of one’s life. This issue of Bistrôt, the last of 2021, is dedicated precisely to those who decide to start again, even though they could easily have continued along a road already marked out. To those who choose not out of necessity, but out of enthusiasm.

As always, we give the floor to people who are involved in what we love to do: living, creating and living. They are witnesses to a willingness to always put themselves back in the game.

Sergio and Pier are the two Tami brothers who, after having founded successful engineering firms, have chosen not to sit in the manager’s chair but to do what they are most passionate about: the former as a consultant, the latter as a football coach. 

Speaking of engineers, what about those who have chosen to move to Tunisia after retirement to cultivate olive trees?

On the border between Slovenia and Italy is the story of Edi Simčič, who, in the midst of life’s journey, decided to set up his own winery and fortunately so, as you might say when drinking his Rebula. Let’s stay in the gourmet sphere and talk about Alan Rosa, a chef who started out again in his family’s restaurant to surprise us with a marriage of tradition and innovation.

Always in the Moesano, there are those who arrived in the 1970s from Germany in pursuit of love, and went from a pizzeria to international trade, and has now discovered a passion for gazosa (soda).

Scientists, too, are not content and choose to start again. At CERN in Geneva, it was not enough to discover the Higgs boson, “God’s particle”. They are already working on a more powerful accelerator to discover the secrets of matter, including antimatter and dark matter.

Restarting also means starting to take care of your body organically, without looking for shortcuts or technological tricks. A personal trainer explains it to us.

That’s why “restart again, restart always”. Restart again, restart always is the key that the protagonists of this edition of Bistrôt seem to have in common. Perhaps the best way not to have to start from scratch, not to have to start again because you are in difficulty or have fallen down, is to anticipate change. Knowing how to listen to our visions of the future, comparing them with the voices of the changing society and then being ready for each new beginning as if it were the first. 


Happy reading!